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Conference Hall

Conference Hall is capable of 300 guests and can be divided into 3-4 parts, depending on the purpose. 11th ACEM summit was organized and held at the hall, which is equipped with the latest translation devices and other required equipments.

Meeting Room

Exclusive and private in location. Thoughtful and creative in attention to detail. Unmatched in our level of service. Every meeting request skilfully handled and coordinated by our experienced event team.

Khaan Ballroom

Khan Ballroom is capable of 400 guest seats and 600 guest stands-up modern hall to organize meetings. Equipped with latest LED video wall and sound technology.

Urgoo Ballroom

Urgoo Ballroom is based on special design of Urguu Ger, the nomadic round tent, is capable of 280 guest seats and 350-400 guest stands-up. It is a convienent place to organize meetings.

Temuujin Ballroom

Temuujin Ballroom is combinations of which is a combination of classic and modern designs, is capable of 150 guest seats and 200 guest stands-up to organize the celebrations, conferences and other events and activities.


Please provide us with the information regarding your event requirements. We look forward to helping you to create a memorable and rewarding experience.